Getting help to the good people of Ukraine

It has always been a core part of Goodwill’s values to support good causes. If ever there was a cause needing all of our support, it is the plight of the people impacted by the war in Ukraine. Here’s how we’ve been rallying our staff as well as using our charity and network to do what we can to help, and how you can help too.

On February 24th, 2022, when the military campaign was launched on Ukrainian soil, hundreds of thousands of lives were shattered overnight. Many have chosen to flee to protect themselves and their families, taking with them only what they could pack in a hurry and carry with them. Within a month, 2.7 million people had fled across the borders.

Thanks to the brilliant efforts of many neighbouring nations like Poland, refugees have been welcomed with open arms. But with millions of displaced families, the humanitarian crisis is growing with every day that the war goes on.  

With an international logistics network at our disposal, we immediately took steps to do what we could to help. Partnering with local councillors from Northampton Town and the West Northants Labour group, we have collected, packed, and shipped 5 lorry-loads of vital supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border so far. There, the donations of toiletries, medicines, children’s clothes, toys, and non-perishable food have been distributed to those who need it most. With petrol costs, subsistence for the driver, licences, and fees each lorry costs £1300.

Having proudly sponsored one of the lorries, West Northants Councillor, Walter Tarasiewicz, has said “We must do all we can to support our local Ukraine community. They are working hard to make sure families and hospitals in Ukraine get the supplies they need.”

Happily, we’ve also been able to offer space in one of our Northampton-based warehouses which has become the heart of the local community effort, bringing volunteers together, to help prepare shipments. Cllr. Jane Birch, leader of Northampton Town Council has said, “The [Ukrainian] community need practical help. The Town Council has been working to get storage facilities for donations and somewhere dry where they can sort, pack and load lorries. We are pleased to have developed a partnership with Goodwill Solutions which is providing warehouse space and lots of tea and sandwiches for the volunteers.”

As the fighting goes on, so do our efforts. By working in conjunction with our local councils, the Ukrainian community, and their friends in the Polish community, we will continue to put our supply chain and logistics to good use for this important cause. “This is a humanitarian crisis, and we must all do what we can to help. There is a huge voluntary effort going on with donations coming in from the community. It all needs to be processed and sent as quickly as can be. We will do everything we possibly can to support this effort.” Graham Tomkins, Founder of Goodwill Solutions.

How can you help Ukraine? From offering financial support or vital supplies, to putting up a Ukrainian family in your own home, here’s where you can offer your backing to the efforts via our partners at Northampton council and West Northants.

Have family caught up in Ukraine? Find out about getting help as a refugee here. If not, you can still share the links to get the information out there. As we’ve always shown, every good deed goes a long way.

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