Great causes seeing the benefit of good business this month

Supporting good causes is never far from our thinking at Goodwill. In fact, it’s a core part of our ethos to give back to local communities, and we’re proud to be making a real difference this month.

The last few years of the pandemic have put unprecedented pressure on community support facilities at a time when social and economic pressure on couples and families has never been higher. In particular we’ve seen a troubling and dramatic increase in cases of domestic abuse countrywide.

Thanks to our clients’ continued investment in our supply chain and training services, we’ve been able to give back by donating to three incredibly worthy charities supporting healthy family development and the victims of domestic abuse. The money will impact the everyday lives of hundreds of women, children and young people, across the Northamptonshire area, and beyond.

A better start.

Not every child has the chance at a good start in life. Which is why we’ve offered a grant of £9,900 to the highly specialist Sound Foundations Early Intervention and Pscychotherapy Hub CIC. The money has gone towards supplying 10 families in Northamptonshire, Parent Infant Therapy. This 1:1 family support service is their most intensive intervention, focusing on developing a secure relationship between the baby and their primary care giver so that the baby can have the “best start in life” to become a child that can thrive in their future.

New beginnings.

Through the Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge (known as Eve) we’ve helped provide a fresh start for women escaping domestic abuse. Our donation of £9,985 enabled the delivery of two Stay Free group-work programmes and accompanying Creche sessions, enabling the women to attend child-free. The specialist support programmes provide practical advice and emotional help towards a new life.

Rewriting futures sooner.

Alongside our support for women escaping abusive relationships, we’ve also offer help for affected children and young people. At time of writing, 64 children are in the Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse service system waiting an average of 74 days for support. In our bid of £10,000 we aim to fund the salary costs of an additional Children’s Support Worker. This will mean 12.5 hours of support per week for 12 months which would support between 24-32 children over the course of the year. Crucially it will also help to reduce waiting times for other children in need of support.

For us, good business isn’t about making profits, it’s about doing good with those profits. We’re so proud to be able to support such important and much needed work in our community. But our charity work is always ongoing, find out more about the difference we’re making to lives across the county and beyond.

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