Kim’s story

Out of work and scared for the future, Kim was at the lowest point of her life when a little good fortune led her to Goodwill.

Like so many during the pandemic, Kim’s career was suddenly cut short. But Kim wasn’t just worried for herself, her Mum was clinically extremely vulnerable, and needed around the clock care. Being out of work long term was not an option.

“I didn’t know what to do – the only work experience I had was hairdressing…I ended up on universal credit – I had no choice…I was at home, living with relatives with round the clock care needs.”

Luckily a friend had heard of an opening in the office at Goodwill. Despite her lack of experience, Kim’s interview went well, and she started the very next day. 

Petrified arriving on day one, Kim didn’t know what to expect and worried that she wouldn’t fit in. The change from a salon to the office environment couldn’t have been more different. Thanks to culture of support that filters through from every department, she felt at home immediately. “The people were just great, I never once felt out of depth or uncomfortable… the managers are all so approachable, no hierarchy, they listen.”

As an office administrator Kim has gained new skills, grown in confidence and quickly taken on extra responsibilities, including running the new client onboarding process. And it’s not just the job, or even the people, she also loves that they’re a company that help people from all walks of life.

“I love it – this job changed my life, I work with such amazing people. The team ethic is brilliant. I feel proud of what I achieve, and of the company for making such a difference.”

Circumstances forced Kim to make a sudden and perhaps unexpected career change, but it was one that turned out to be a really good thing for us all.  

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