Sean’s Story

Sean feels good.

He loves his family and loves that his job gives them a clear and stable future.

But life wasn’t always so stable for Sean.

Drifting between jobs had left him feeling down and directionless. “I didn’t have much going for me. I was a closed person; I didn’t do much with my time.”

One night Sean’s evening ended in a fight and a night in a police cell. Thinking of his pregnant wife at home, he knew he couldn’t go on like that.

“I was worried if I went to prison, I wouldn’t be there when the kid was born. This gave me the kick I needed to get my life back on track.”

Narrowly avoiding prison, Sean was sentenced to community service. Which is when he first heard about Goodwill. “I thought it sounded great to learn forklift driving and work in a warehouse.”

To begin with he was nervous, daunted by what might be expected of him, but he only had to step into the warehouse to feel instantly at ease. After two-weeks training on the forklift and two-weeks in the warehouse, he didn’t want it to end so volunteered for a couple more weeks to keep developing his skills, and before he knew it Sean was offered a full-time job – his first ever. 

Sean was finally happy. With a regular income and a focus for his energies, he never looked back. After seven years, he’s worked his way up from forklift driver to operations manager at one of our large warehouses.

What had been a bad situation had led Sean to Goodwill and a chance to change his life. He grabbed it with both hands and he’s now an essential part of our team. All of which makes us feel pretty good too.

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